Astro Earth Art



Astro Earth Art is a work in progress. Most of our art comes to us from the Universe through our intuition and listening to Nature.

Our photography strives to remind everyone of the beauty & meaning of our universe, including the special world we live in. We work to capture celestial moments that not many will get to see. There’s an amazing universe out there at night. It’s our connection to the past, our spirit and all of the universal mysteries that lie deep within us. We just have to turn off the lights, get out and look up.

Our nature art and craft work is inspired by the many indigenous tribes of the world, especially the North American Indians. These influences are blended with knowledge from the esoteric teachings of several ancient cultures. This knowledge incorporates the secrets of sacred geometry, astrology, nature, and human heart based magic.

We like to think we are raising consciousness to help heal our planet by emphasizing our connection with the Earth, Sky and all life that we share this planet with.

Comet Neowise, Firflies and the Big Dipper or Plough for you Europeans.....

Comet Neowise, Fireflies and Ursa Major from Cornwall CT.