Astro Earth Art

Connecting People to Spirit Through Nature and Starlight

We’re living in a world filled with distractions from nature and our true being. Many people have never seen the Milky Way or planets in the night sky. Stars are no longer visible in many locations around the globe due to the environmental impact of light pollution from outdoor lighting. Light pollution plays a big part in the disconnect from our true spiritual nature by keeping us from seeing the stars. There is also a significant affect on our health, safety and the natural habitats of many different species.

Astro Earth Art strives to remind everyone of the beauty & meaning of our universe including the special world we live in. There’s an amazing universe out there at night. It’s our connection to the past, our spirit and all of the universal mysteries that lie deep within us. We just have to turn off the lights, get out and look up.

We work to capture celestial moments that not many will get to see. Awakening others to our connection with Earth and Sky, as well as all life that we share this planet with. We like to think we are raising consciousness to help heal our planet by emphasizing the interconnected web we are all a part of. Our desire is to reconnect people to spirit through nature and starlight. ….ST

MARS and JUPITER with the Milky Way at Coltsfoot Valley Cornwall, CT

“Cosmic activity is indeed the greatest of artists. The cosmos fashions everything according to laws which bring the deepest satisfaction to the artistic sense.” — Rudolf Steiner